House Of Blen, Vol. 1
Artist: EL BLEN
Label: ReddOktoba Productions, Inc.
Released: Sep 09, 2011
Total Length: 1:01:22
Retail: $12.99
Today: $9.99

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Relationships come and go, and some stay around long enough for one to learn a great deal from. In this instance, "House Of Blen" invites you to share the journey of EL BLEN as he deals with an almost failed relationship, old acquaintances, and new experiences. All the while, keeping you intrigued with rhythms and sounds; dance and grooves. "House Of Blen" is the first "House/Groove" album to be released from ReddOktoba Productions, Inc.

All songs written and produced by EL BLEN, except "Parking Spot", written by DJ BooshWheelz. Features the vocals of Dana Holness, Jahs Son, Duv, DJ BooshWheelz, and The Sistah

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