Hieroglyphics In Crayon
Artist: AtLas'
Label: ReddOktoba Productions, Inc.
Released: Sep 22, 2014
Total Length: 39:53
Retail: $12.00
Today: $9.99

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Hip Hop artist, AtLasí, pronounced At-Lass, announces the release of her debut album, Hieroglyphics In Crayon. This project marks the second of two albums released this year. It is complete with 11 tracks of lyricism, story telling, and all things Hip Hop, and even a bonus track for those who like even numbers. This dynamic emcee delivers the versatility and lyrical mastery on Hieroglyphics In Crayon that is consistent with her previous releases. The release of Hieroglyphics In Crayon is a labor of love that is the culmination of years of preparation, anticipation and hard work. It demonstrates AtLasí fearless approach to her craft. This project, features production from Coole High, Thinker Kelly, and Kenny Dubb Williams. Fans of AtLasí will be pleased with the level of love, skill and vulnerability shared on the project.

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