Black Jew
Artist: Black Jew
Label: ReddOktoba Productions, Inc.
Released: Feb 21, 2015
Total Length: 30:00
Retail: $12
Today: $10
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"Black Jew" is a conceptual multi-media LP produced entirely by Black Sparx with lyrics by Coole High. Each song is accompanied with art that reflects some aspect of the song, or of "Black Jew" itself. This will provide a visual stimulus to the music that you will be sure to engage in many in-depth discussion.

"Hip-hop, as a culture, was founded from a place of struggle, from a people of color, fast-forward 30 to 40 years later and this culture became something that was picked apart, and separated from the different elements of it, for other people's personal gain, whether it being for profit, or to express themselves, or to better their families, by enhancing their way of living, so to speak. For some people it's to get them fame, and notoriety, or girls. Whatever pleasure that people saw hip-hop to be, or to assist them to be, then that's what they used it for."

"I grew up in a lot of different neighborhoods in Brooklyn, and one of the neighborhoods I grew up in was Crown Heights. I spent a lot of time living out there, and when I was young, seeing how, and those who know Brooklyn know that Crown Heights has a dense Hassidic Jew population, and one thing that I noticed, and I admired, about their culture is that they had a grasp on the economy. They knew how a dollar worked. The dollar exchanged like eleven hands at the time before it left the community. That, to me, was impressive."

"They had a lock on the real estate, it was virtually impossible for somebody that looked like me to go into their neighborhood to buy a home. Even though homes were available, they would buy those homes themselves and sell them to somebody else. That's how they kind of locked down their community, and to me that showed a lot of, how can I say it, that showed a lot of strength in community, and strength in the people."

"I've said a lot of times we could adopt some of these ideals, and some of these ways of thinking, and kind of help ourselves, so why not take certain elements from another culture the same way people took elements from the hip-hop culture to better themselves? Why can't I do the same from a culture that I admire certain elements from that can better myself and my family?"

1. P.O.C.
2. Go Somewhere
3. Make A Plan
4. Presumptuous
5. Self Inflicted
6. So Many
7. Just A Word
8. Pitless Olives
9. Backstage Passes
10. I Don't Even Understand This
11. Keepin' On
12. Prelude To Ethic
13. Ethic

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