Pseudo Mythological Celestial MusIQ: Abstracts and Expressions
Artist: AtLas'
Label: ReddOktoba Productions, Inc.
Released: Jun 24, 2014
Total Length: 18:25
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This project marks the first of two albums to be released this summer. It is complete with 6 tracks of lyricism, story telling, and all things Hip Hop. This dynamic emcee delivers the versatility and lyrical mastery consistent with her previous releases.

The surprise release of “Pseudo Mythological Celestial MusIQ: Abstracts and Expressions” demonstrates AtLas’ fearless approach to her craft. This project, produced entirely by Coole High, gives a glimpse into the content of her first, full length solo project, “Hieroglyphics In Crayon”, due out later this Summer. “I’m just excited to be creating again”, says AtLas’ of her upcoming releases.

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