ReddOktoba Lounge Series Vol. 4: Change Of Scenery
Artist: Coole High
Label: ReddOktoba Productions, Inc.
Released: Jun 20, 2017
Total Length: 40:28
Retail: $12.99
Today: $9.99
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They say change is a good thing. I realized after some time that there are so many things about myself that I had yet to learn. Once you sit alone for long enough, you begin to figure things out. Moving to Las Vegas, with family in tow, can be a bit much to chew on if you aren't prepared. Mentally and spiritually.

With that said, I decided to drastically limit my usage of social media and networks. Blame it on all the civil unrest, the presidential campaign, the weather, etc. I couldn't take it anymore. Instead I decided to revert back to the one thing that truly made me happy. That thing that soothes my soul, in turn, would soothe your soul too. I mean, we're all going through one thing or another and I feel that music can help cure that, at least help you to recalibrate and deal with life a bit better and all that it throws at you.

So here's some soul soothing sounds and visuals that I'd like to share with you. I call this one "Change of Scenery. It will be a part of the Reddoktoba Lounge Series that you might already be familiar with.

1. Is There Ever A Reason
2. Ode to CD 101
3. Unverified Hustle
4. Monday Funk
5. Subtle Moves (ft. JKris)
6. Funky Go Lucky
7. Temperature Drop
8. Changes
9. Slow Drag In The Morning

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