Futuristically Speaking
Artist: Coole High
Label: ReddOktoba Productions, Inc.
Released: Aug 18, 2010
Total Length: 40:26
Retail: $11.99
Today: $9.99

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Futuristically Speaking is a ride through a perspective of the near future that most people know of but few dare to delve upon. Speaking of things and events yet to come as if they are modern day occurrences are what you will find in this collection of songs and rhythms. From personal experiences to "outer-body" experiences, combined with "astrologically banging tracks", Coole High will inspire you to do what is most important NOW rather than waiting to do it later. Bonus tracks only available through Bandcamp and include "Cheddecks" featuring Core Rhythm, and "It Is What It Is" featuring MC Friction and Homeboy Sandman.

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