Coole High | Changes
Length: 00:05:10
Released: Jun 03, 2017

They say change is a good thing. I realized after some time that there are so many things about myself that I had yet to learn. Once you sit quiet and alone for long enough, you begin to figure those nifty things out. Career changes, relocating, haircuts, etc., are some of the changes that will either make you into a better person or not. Inevitably, change is abound. The recent changes in politics have forced some of us into a world away from the turmoil that can arise if you allow it in your soul. With that said, I decided to revert back to the one thing that truly made us happy. That thing that soothes my soul, in turn, would soothe your soul too. So here's some soul soothing sounds and visuals that I'd like to share with you. I call this one "Changes". It will be a part of the Reddoktoba Lounge Series that you might already be familiar with, coming soon. Please join a young man on his journey through what he feels is that moment where he realizes that he needs to make a change. (Big shout out to Ryan Avery for letting capture this so vividly) Download the Single from BandCamp: Or from SoundCloud:

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